Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pastor Doug's April 2016 Newsletter

Should Ever Love Be Lost

In a world where little matters
In a place where lives get lost
There is something to believe in
For it comes to you, no cost

In this world where little matters
Where to get ahead, you kneel
There's a common bond between us
With a kiss, no need to seal

In this world, there seems a purpose
For never can we know
Where lasting love will find us
Or when that love may go

Is here, a place to bring your heart
Forgetting not the cost
Is here, I wait to share your pain
Should ever love be lost

Psalms 26: 1-2

God Looks At Your Heart

Henry Blackaby tells a story of a very self-righteous man who prayed; "Lord, there;s something wrong. I read the Bible, pray regularly, attend church faithfully, and always give to charity, yet I don't have much. My brother doesn't do any of these things, yet he's got tons of money. How come you've given him so much, and me so little?"

After a pause, a voice said; "Because you're a sanctimonious pain in the neck!"

The Bible says, "God looks at your heart's intent. He judges your motives. You can sit in church with a heart that is far from God." 

The Israelites did it. (See Isaiah 1: 10-17

You can help the needy, and still be greedy. Judas did. (John 12: 4-8

You can proclaim your love for Jesus, yet be influenced by the devil. Peter did. (Matthew 26: 31-35

You can make sacrifices, yet still be living in disobedience. King Saul Did. (1 Samuel 13: 7-14

You can pray with the wrong motives. Some folks in the New testament Church did. (James 4: 3

You can even be a Pastor who loved crowds, but has no tie for individuals."

Check your heart! The Good Shepherd left His 99 sheep to look for the one who was lost. Then He carried it home on His shoulders, rejoicing. "Motives are weighed by the Lord." God sees your heart. Everything you do must be motivated by love for Him, and for others. So look beyond your actions to what lies beyond them. Ask God hiow He sees.