Friday, September 2, 2016

Pastor Doug's September 2016 Newsletter

Everything seems to be changing today, from pencil and slide rules, to the computers that perform everything from our personal and financial needs, to very specialized surgeries. Home phones are almost a thing of the past as cell phones are the main means of communication.

From home cooked meals to microwave meals and fast food, horses to cars, trains to planes, and someday people may even travel in space. Everything seems to be be evolving.

One thing, however, remains unchanged; God, His Word, and Jesus Christ. His Grace and Salvation are the same today as they were when Jesus first offered them to those He walked among some 2000 years ago.

Today God, the Church, and Jesus, are far from many peoples thoughts and lives. They have little, if any, interaction with God, except for an occasional profane utterance of God's name. We are all hungry for something to fill our lives. While the world fills our lives with "things", we are all seeking the peace and happiness that comes from God.

How many minutes a day do our children  spend worshipping, thanking, or praying to God, or studying the Word of God? We wonder why our kids are doing the harmful things they are, and why there is so much senseless violence and murder today. This happens when we forget that Jesus walked here, the Word made flesh, sharing a timeless message; God's love for us all.

Have you experienced it this year? I challenge us all to shut off the TV, turn off the computer, and spend an evening together as family or friends, in fellowship and reading the Bible for just 10 minutes each week, praying for your family, friends, co-workers, our communities, churches, our nation, our service personnel, and ourselves. I know that Jesus always found time with His Father in Heaven. It was important to him. Ten minutes a week doesn't seem like much time, until the world, our schedules, and all of the other distractions step in, and then we find ourselves scratching our heads,wondering where the day went, as weeks, months, and even years slide by. Don't let this year slip by. Make some time for God.  Set a reminder on your iPhone, iPad, Tablet, PDA, or even just a note written on your calendar. Text one another to remind each other to make just 10 minutes this week for God. I truly believe that we will be changed by the time we spend with our Holy, Heavenly Father.

God Bless,

Pastor Doug