Monday, February 29, 2016

Pastor Doug's March 2016 Newsletter

"It Was a Man Sized Cross"

A visitor to a Church conference ground observed, with admiration, the large bronze Cross erected on the hilltop. Coming more closely to it, on impulse, he stood with his back to the Cross, and stretched out his arms along the cross-beams. 

A shudder surged through him as he suddenly realized, "This Cross if big enough for me!"

Too often we see the Cross as a bit if jewelry, or on an altar. Seldom do we realize that it fits us; it is man sized, and woman sized. It is too big for us, in that we can scarcely comprehend the tremendous sacrifice of Christ upon it.

In another sense, the Cross is like the "yoke" of which Jesus spoke. If we take it up with loving loyalty and obedience, it is "well fitted". It will not crush us, for He will give us the strength to carry it. 

The Cross is big enough for all of our pain, our anguish, our grief, and yes, for our hopes, our dreams, and our joys too, so that we can jubilantly sing "In the Cross of Christ, I glory!"

Just a mere cross is not enough, This Cross is special because of He who was hung upon it, suffered, bled, and died there, and He who brings salvation as we, through Faith, receive Him. 

Three crosses stood on Calvary's hill. Only one, the central Cross on which Jesus hung, was the saving Cross. 

My material offering in the Easter Offering Plate can "pay" for nothing, but as a free will, loving gift, the outstretched arms of Everlasting Mercy will bless, heal, and restore.