Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pastor Doug's October 2016 Newsletter

Dear Struthers Families and Friends,

After many long months of hard work, the annual Canfield Fair for this year is over. Even though the Fair officially lasts only 7 days, the set-up and tear down add many more days to the project. The planning began months ago by the Fair Committee, and they worked hard at creating the menu, setting prices, arranging to move the trailer to the fairgrounds, making sure that everything was clan and sanitary, and making sure we had staffing for every moment the Fair is open,  They worked hard in finding suppliers who would offer the best prices so we could keep prices as low as possible while also offering the highest quality food we possibly can. Those involved made countless trips to our suppliers to purchase the items we needed, and then volunteers worked one long, hot evening, making 160 pounds of sloppy Joe! They chopped up  peppers and onions by the baskets, and cooked, and cooked, and cooked some more!,

This is just one quick glimpse into the work this ministry does. There are so many people to thank for their time and hard work in making sure the Fair came off without a hitch. The Fair Committee leaders, Phil, Fran, Sheri, Tom, and Dale guided us through another year of work at the fair, which provides vital dollars with which we can support important ministries of our church. The money we earn at the Fair allows us to be the hands and feet of Christ, serving those in need, comforting people who are suffering, and helping keep God's House in order. To all who took part, and to all who stopped by to buy a sloppy Joe, a chili dog, a street taco, or any of the other Fair treats we offered at the Fair, we thank you! We thank you for your endless hours of work and the effort you put forth to make sure everything ran so smoothly. Thank you for your prayers, and your support of these leaders, We thank YOU! We thank the men and women who had the vision to begin this ministry 54 years ago; to step out in faith, and to make the investment to begin this project, and we honor them all with the reward of 54 years of great service to our families.

See you at the Fair next year!

God Bless,

Pastor Doug

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